Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Situated at 2300 meters over sea level this is the third highest capital of the world. It has over five million people. This sprawling capital is an ideal place to start learning about Ethiopia’s rich ethnic diversity. There is a wealth of sightseeing in this city and here just a few tips: Africa Hall is the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. It was designed as a monument to African independence. Its hugh richly coloured stained-glass windows, by the Ethiopian artist Afewerk Tekle, portray the history and diversity of Africa’s people.

church paintings More of Tekles work can be seen in the Giorgis Cathedral built in 1896 to mark the victory of Ethiopia over the invading Italians. The Ethnographic Museum is well worth a visit with its two main sections covering local crafts and on regions and people. Here you can learn about Ethiopia”s rich ethnic diversity. The museum holds an impressive display of Religious crosses, triptychs and murals. Haile Selassies’s bedroom and bathrooms are also on display. One of the most important museums is the smaller National Museum holding the fossil’s of “Lucy”. These 3.5 million year old remains are perhaps from our earliest ancestor. Mercato is the largest market in East Africa. Here you can buy everything from potatoes to gold and jewellery.
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